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It's never been this easy to make friends and meet people! Peepalike is a social app that lets you find event ideas near your location. After signing up for an account, Peepalike will populate suggestions of things to do in your area. Simply swipe left if the event doesn't interest you or choose it for more information about what to expect from the experience. Once you've made a decision, sign up to get updates on the time and place as well as when your event starts so you can show up on time! When using Peepalike, not only are you discovering new things nearby but also making new experiences with other like-minded folks who want nothing more than be good company during an exciting adventure at hand.

Most people use an app designed for their specific needs. Some of the most popular apps include Eventbrite,, Eventify and Peepalike launched recently. Rather than looking at one app to do everything you need, a mobile app that is specialized in event planning will help you get organized more efficiently because it is designed specifically with your needs in mind.

If it's available closer to the date, some of these planners have functionality where they can provide venue recommendations based on your preferences inputted into the system or by browsing for venues nearby using GPS capabilities and checking availability calendars to find potential spots that would work out best! 

  • 27 Jul 2021
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