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Becoming an event planner is not for the faint of heart. You have to be willing to pay attention to all the details and offer what your clients want, no matter what that may mean from time management perspective. It takes a lot out of you but it's rewarding in so many ways too.

1. Always give your clients options

For a more interesting, creative and engaging process of planning an event, always give your clients options. When you do so they will feel like their input is being considered when it comes to the food selection for guests at any function or meeting.
2. Research online

There are a lot of signature events that you can plan for. You need to think about the size and style, as well as what kind of food and entertainment will accompany each event type. There is so much research available online these days with all kinds of styles out there; if you keep up on trends then it's easy to put together an exciting party.

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3. Consult

When you are doing a multicultural wedding, it can be hard to satisfy both sets of cultures. But make sure that the couple is on board with your ideas before taking any suggestions into consideration.

4. Prioritize your clients

It's a good idea to keep the clients as your top priority. They're always right, even if you think they are wrong. You need to learn how to communicate effectively and be respectful of what is acceptable and unacceptable for their event. And never forget that it isn't about you - it's all about them.

5. Take pictures for future clients

Once you're done with your event, don't forget to snap a few extra pictures for future clients! You never know who else will see them. And that might be the person who hires you right on the spot. 

6. Speak to the client before getting suppliers

You should always speak to your client before contacting any suppliers. This way you can get a clear idea of what budget they have and communicate effectively with them as well. If it's possible, try pulling off an extraordinary event within the given budget; this will make potential clients come back for more.

7. Have a positive attitude

Despite what you may think, your personality matters more than anything when it comes to being a successful event coordinator. You need the strength and fortitude in order to handle things with others without getting too frustrated or letting down those who rely on you for help. Your attitude also needs to be one of positivity because even though mistakes are inevitable they should never get anyone down if there is always an opportunity for growth afterwards!

  • 16 Sep 2021
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