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The first thing that you will need to do is figure out what your budget is and what you need to do to stay on it. There are many ways that you can stray away from your budget and you will want to make sure that you stay on track and keep your budget in play.  Here are a few ideas when creating an event on a shoestring budget.

1. If you are looking to save money, the first step is figuring out where your expenses come from.

You will want to find ways of cutting these costs without sacrificing quality too much. For example, if your budget for groceries was $100 a month but after investigating and cooking food at home more often led you down this road that cost only an extra 10 dollars per week then it may be worth going back on track with an increase in grocery prices so as not to cut any corners or make compromises when it comes time for putting together healthy meals.

2. You don't want to have the stress of hiring an event planner for your party. 

Take advantage of friends and family members who are willing to help by getting a group together that can chip in on the food, decorations, or entertainment so you save money but still get what you need!

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3. Use your head, not just your wallet.

Bargaining for a better price is always worth the time and effort that you put into it because of all the money that you will save in doing so. It doesn't take long to find what someone else might miss out on but do some research beforehand.

4. Donations are a great way to save money.

 If you know someone that can help you with your party, you should ask them for a contribution. This will help you raise money that you find necessary to get the things done that you need. You will find that a lot of people like to help out for a good cause.  

5. You will want to find a location that is inexpensive but great for your party.

There are many locations in the area where you can choose from, so make sure to do some research before making any decisions about what type of place would be best for you and other attendees.

6. Making the food for your event

It's cheaper than buying it, and you can make everything exactly how you want. Plus, there are tons of recipes out there to get creative with - don't be intimidated by a little cooking challenge; if anything they'll give you an excuse not to clean up after the party is over.

7. Advertising is a big expense for any event.

You’ll want to get your events out there to try and gain some publicity, but you don't want to spend too much of your budget on advertising alone. There are plenty of creative ways that you can advertise without spending money like using the local newspaper or even make up flyers! 

8. You'll want to bargain with anything you need.

Negotiate the cheapest price possible, and save some money for things that fit your tight budget.

9. You can get the necessary help from your community to make this event happen.

Ask anyone that you know for support and provide them with as much information about what they would be doing in order to secure their help. This will let you relax a little more when it comes time for the event because there won't be anything left on your shoulders

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