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There are so many factors that can make an event successful, but these nine will take care of everything for you. You'll need to be on top of every detail and stay organized if the event is going to go as planned. 

1. First, you should think about how to make sure that everything is planned.

You need a plan for the best and worst case scenarios because this will help cover your bases. Additionally, having backup plans in place means that when something goes wrong there's an easy fix waiting - so no time spent panicking. Moreover, always prepare for the worst-case scenario; after all, you never know what could happen next.

2. Before you start planning, make sure to stay organized.

It's the worst thing that could happen if all your beautiful plans are thrown in a pile and then lost or forgotten at last minute. Make it easier for yourself by putting everything from contracts to important information into binders so you know exactly where they're located whenever needed-plus when things are bound together, there is less of an opportunity for them getting misplaced than just having loose papers around! Take these with you as well so nothing gets left behind during any mishaps along the way.

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3. Pick the perfect venue for your event to ensure that it is a success from start to finish.

You need to pick an appropriate place and theme so all of your guests can come without hassle, as well as making sure you want what message this night says about who you are or where you're going in life.

4. A well-planned event doesn't have to be expensive.

As the first step in planning your big day, you should think about what kind of theme party or wedding it will be - because that's going to tell you a lot about how much money and time is needed for this special occasion. A springtime garden wedding might mean floral centerpieces while an enchanted forest celebration could include whimsical decorations like brown paper forks with fake food on them!

5. Food and drinks

Here are some tips on what you need in your planning: food and drinks! You'll want to make sure that there's sufficient of both, so have the caterers come out for an interview before choosing them- nobody wants bad ratings because they didn't get enough hors d'oeuvres. Plus, it goes without saying but pick alcohol with care too; after all, this is something people will drink and remember later when writing reviews about their experience.

6. Choosing the entertainment for your party should be a fun and exciting experience.

There are so many options to choose from, it's hard to decide what will work best. One option is hiring a band or singer who can entertain guests with their music while educating them about the cause you're supporting as well. If entertaining isn't something that interests you then I recommend choosing games like beanbag toss where everyone gets involved-the more people playing, the better.

7. Vendors

With all the planning that goes into a party, it's easy to forget about one key element - vendors. Without them, your event will be incomplete and without flavor. You want to treat these valuable people well because you never know when they might bail on you if treated poorly. Don't let an angry vendor ruin everything just before the dinner starts by not showing up for their shift as agreed in contract or worse yet refusing service altogether out of spite.

8. Hire an assistant

It's hard to stay motivated and productive when you're running on low energy, so it can be tempting to hide in bed for the rest of your life. However, there are ways that you might find more balance with work-life integration like hiring an assistant or enlisting a friend who is good at balancing their own workloads.

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