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When it comes to entertainment, you should try to provide it without having to spend a lot of money. You can find many ways to incorporate entertainment into the event without spending a bomb by following some of the following tips. These tips should be helpful to either help generate your own money saving ideas or they might be the solution that you seek. 

1. The first option you have is to ask some of the  local celebrities to help host or show up at your event.

This will give them a chance for exposure and even if they can't donate their time, it's always worth asking as many people from that community as possible. It may also be beneficial to set something up in advance with one celebrity who has shown interest before other ones become too busy and unavailable - this way you can make sure all goes smoothly on the day of the event.

2. Do not be fooled by the high price tag of a band, you can find more than enough talent in your local area for much less.

We all know that it is hard to come across entertainment with reasonable rates nowadays and we are often forced into paying astronomical prices just so that we have live music at our event. What you might not realize though is how easy it could be if there was someone who had connections with bands or singers nearby. Check out your community and see what kind of performers they may have near them; most will work events as an opportunity to get their name out there which means free exposure for you too. You do need to make sure these people are compensated but this won’t cost nearly as much money has hiring.

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3. Get a celebrity to your event.

The first way would be for the person in charge of fundraising at your organization to contact an agent and ask them who they represent or if any celebrities have ever been interested in donating their time. This is free service, but it also comes with tax benefits on top - not bad.

 Another option that may work better than asking someone else's opinion is setting up something as part of social media where people post what issues matter most to them then vote for one issue from each category such as climate change, poverty/homelessness, mental health awareness. These categories will give organizers more ideas about how best to allocate funds so charities feel like donated money doesn't go to waste

4. If you want to have a star-studded event, then the best way is by having everyone in your committee contribute some money.

This will allow for extravagant entertainment and big names at an affordable price. If budget restraints are too tight or if stars aren't what you're looking for this time around, consider just using whatever funds that were raised go towards helping out with planning events instead of filling them up on more expensive people who can do it themselves anyways.

5. When it comes to hiring a band or DJ, you have two options.

A lot of people find paying for one person easier than paying several members and often times they come with their own permits as well. When employing the services of a DJ's team you only need pay them once but keep in mind that DJs typically take up less space then bands do. So depending on your preference make sure you know what type of music is best suited for where your event will be held - are large concerts out? If so this might not work too great if all guests can't dance comfortably next to each other because there may not be enough room due to sound equipment being set-up around the venue.

6. The cost of entertainment can seem to be exceptionally high and tough on the budget.

But if you have your heart set on a performer, paying for them play an hour or two will cut down costs in half without having to worry about booking their whole night's performance. This is good when there seems like little left over after taking care of necessities. Paying only for what you need at one time means not going overboard with spending money but still enjoying all aspects life has offered up - from music performances to theater productions.

7. You can liven up any event by hiring a comedian or other type of performer who is not a musician.

This will make the night more memorable and provide much-needed humor when it's needed most. However, no matter how hilarious they are with their jokes, you might want to be aware that some performances may cost extra money depending on your budget restrictions.

8. Everybody has a friend that knows somebody who will help them out of a tight spot, and you never know what kind of connections people may have.

It is worth sitting down for just five minutes to think about the resources available to you, because there could be someone in your life right now who can reach out on your behalf.

  • 16 Sep 2021
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