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When it comes time to plan an event, you need to make sure that all of your guests are going. You don't want them skipping because they didn't know about the party. Plan out everything in advance so people have plenty of notice and can attend without a hassle.
1. Put great care into your event invitations to get people excited. Get their expectations up and make them feel welcome with interesting visuals, cool fonts,awesome colors...whatever it takes.

2. You can get guests to come by advertising the event. Putting up appropriate signs and announcing time details will help people feel welcome, as they enjoy your special occasion.

3. You may also want to invite people about your special event through email invitations. This is a great way to make sure that everyone hears about the party and you will get the word out there fast, so they know well in advance.

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4. Telling friends about the party is one of the most important things you can do to make sure that it goes well. You may be tempted to not tell anyone and have a surprise, but in reality this will just lead people who would've attended your event feeling left out. Instead, talk up what an amazing time everyone at the event is going to have- if they're like me then hearing all those great stories from past events will convince them even more.
5. Grab your friends, neighbors and everyone else you know. Spread the word about this amazing event that's happening soon. Make sure they tell their friends too so there are plenty of people coming out for what will be a grand affair.

6. Make your event the talk of the town. Advertise it on television and in newspapers to reach a large group of people who may be interested in attending, or at least know about this happening so that they can tell others about it if not able to go themselves. Put up flyers everywhere. Let your presence be felt.

7.Make flyers that will catch the attention of those who see them. You can make an interesting flyer to get people interested in your event and they'll want to come. Make use of ticketing platforms for people to book to your event in advance.

8. Go crazy with advertising. You can have your event written in the sky with a special plane. You may also want to release some pieces of paper that will say what you are trying to tell people, like "Happy Birthday" or something else for an upcoming occasion. This is a great idea and one that won't cost too much money

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