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When it comes to planning a small event and a large one, you will notice that the entire process is completely different. For example, when having an intimate gathering of friends or family members for your party one needs only minimal input. However if you have a hundred people coming in then it may be more difficult to work with all those details.
When you are only caring for ten people at an event then there is no need to worry about getting every detail perfect too. With a hundred though, one has to put in more effort to ensure that it is near perfect. In other words, the more the people, the more the effort. 

Also, with bigger parties, your options are limited especially when it comes to food. You can't just decide one day that you would like to have duck and then the next day have ham. If you're getting it catered, the supplier will tell you that your requests cannot be fulfilled in such a small time frame; however they could easily find what foods might work for a smaller group of ten or so people. In addition with food comes drinks- which may also result in an expensive bill even if it's just open bar service for ten guests.

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The seating arrangements can make or break an event. When planning a large scale party, you have to think about not only where 10 people will sit but how they'll interact with the other 90 that come along for the ride. But sometimes this isn't such a bad thing because it gives guests more freedom when meeting new friends and getting away from old ones who are just there out of obligation.

When it comes to budget, smaller parties take the lead. But there's a catch: they can't buy all of their decorations and supplies at once because that would put them in a budget fix. If you want your venue decorated from top-to-bottom with festive ornaments, lights, garlands - even balloons then hosting a larger event might be best for you.

Planning a party can be stressful, but it's even harder when the size of your event is either very small or extremely large. For smaller events you don't need to worry about as many factors and they're usually easier to plan for guests. But at times some people want an extravagant celebration that needs more time invested in planning everything out before hand.

Planning for any event is the most stressful phase. As a matteR of fact, an event planned is an event half way done. Once you are done planning, then actualizing becomes a walk in the park. Generally, whether you plan to host 10 people or 100, the effort might be the same.

  • 14 Sep 2021
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