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It is important to think about the type of event that you are hosting and who exactly it is for. You need to make sure that your guests will be happy, entertained and have a great time at your party too!

One of the best ways to attract the right people is by making your party invitation-only. Invitees are often asked not just for their RSVP but also a cover fee and some type of contribution that will help fund the event. This way you'll ensure only those who really want to attend show up!

You want to invite all the important people that you can think of. To make sure they know it's a party, not just dinner out with friends and business associates, put something like "A night for romance and dining" on your invitation card or so and so's Party of the Year in red font at the top. Ensure that people really understand what your event is all about.

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In order to weed out unwanted guests, state the dress code on their invitation. This can range from semi-formal/formal attire or black tie event. The more formal they are, the less likely you'll have someone attending who wouldn't fit in with your party anyways; so if you want to invite an unlikely guest go ahead! 

The VIP ticket is a great way to get the people you want at your event. They will have access to other important guests, and it give them an opportunity for special treatment without having to deal with all of those they don't care about. The word "VIP" makes the attendees feel honored and respected which in turn gives them more motivation to attend.

You need to hire a publicist who will take care of all the details for you - advertising how great your party is, showing you ways to enhance your appearance and make yourself look like a VIP without actually being one. A good publicist knows exactly what it takes to get people in attendance and just needs some guidance from you on making sure they are there with bells on!

One of the best times to throw a party is when you're moving up in life. It's not just about making business contacts and getting friends out-of it. It's also about who else will be there, including your boss (or someone higher than them). Getting these important people to come can sometimes be difficult; they want to know what new kid on the block has done that makes him so special.

In conclusion it is very important to have your guests in mind whenever you are planning for any event. This ensures that you get only the required guests as your attendees. Hire a publicist, use VIP invitations, come up with a dress code, make your event invite only or combine any of these for a successful event.

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