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If you are an event planner or promoter or are otherwise engaged in the event planning and promotions process, you know how challenging and time-consuming the process can be. Even in the most developed (and thus organized) national contexts like the United States, the jobs embedded in coordinating events consistently rank among the most stressful occupations. It does not even matter whether you are a newbie or a seasoned professional. You need the right tools to help you manage your events better and make the process enjoyable (or at least less stressful). Fortunately, recent innovations in the form of ticketing platforms are here to make your event planning and promotion a little bit easier. Here, we have Peepalike, a ticketing platform that has been increasing in popularity (and for good reason) over the past year. This convenient, affordable, and easy-to-use platform will help your event marketing efforts, facilitate registration and payment, and increase your ticket sales significantly.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Before we get into the juicy stuff, let’s first get an idea of what ticketing platforms like Peepalike actually are. These are simple applications or platforms that allow you to market and sell tickets to your event online. These platforms are extremely useful if your event involves selling tickets. First, they aid in streamlining the entire process, providing a wide range of tools in a single place. Essentially, they offer you a one-stop platform for selling tickets to your event. Notably, there are many platforms out there (not so many here in East Africa, though), so we will be using Peepalike for the purposes of this article. Fortunately, the easy-to-use part of the description means that you do not necessarily require any technical know-how to implement or otherwise use a ticketing platform and reap the benefits.

So What are Ticketing Platforms Anyway?

Peepalike provides you with a portal to create a profile, select different ticket types, and set the prices and payment options. That is not all. It also provides you with real-time analytics on sales performance and other metrics. This platform is not limited to paid events. Indeed, it has a host of features that can help those intending to organize and promote fundraising events. It has an integrated fundraising suite that eases the efforts of guests to add donations when completing registration at the checkout page. Thus, it combines ticketing with fundraising in one simplified solution. This aspect is beneficial in the sense that it implies that donors will only enter their credit card detail once during the ticket purchase process. This helps drive down the registration lines for auctions or related giving initiatives at your event.

As seen in this description so far, ticketing platforms have some significant benefits. But, let’s dive deeper and examine these benefits closely.

Enhanced Reach

The most notable benefit of using a ticketing platform is the reach it offers. Peepalike integrates social media and email promotions capabilities and increases your chances of maximizing ticket sales by enhancing reach.

Social media is a significantly powerful marketing avenue Peepalike maximizes by offering customers the opportunity to share their ticket purchases directly on their profiles. This contributes considerably to promotion. The platform also offers the opportunity to use and share discount codes through social media and email. Thus, it triggers people to purchase tickets to your event.

Peepalike boasts of the capacity to provide users with real-time data analytics through various in-built tools. This is important in the sense that it allows you to track registration and ticket sales. The information-gathering process offers data about attendees and thus helps inform future promotion and sales efforts and strategies.


For consumers and organizers alike, Peepalike offers unrivalled convenience. Specifically, it makes the efforts of guests to register for your event in advance and check-in at the venue instead of having to line up to get the tickets. It eliminates long registration lines, providing a streamlined check-in process that merely involves scanning a barcode or QR code using the app. The platform also enables on-location sales through the integration of the check-in feature. It also incorporates other features such as seating chart options, which guests can select and reserve seating in advance. These features make Peepalike the go-to platform that enhances efficiency and broader consumer satisfaction.

Customer Service

Another key feature that makes Peepalike great is customer service. The service in this context includes phone and online support, which are available during the entire ticket selling process. In some cases, customer service is offered on the site of the event. This enables the organizers to learn more about the ticketing platform. It also offers consumers ample support in case any need for it arises.


I know what you’re thinking. Ticket-selling platforms like Peepalike seem like a godsend, but surely there must be some drawbacks. No worries. I got you covered, and spoiler alert, yes, the drawbacks are there.


I am almost certain you saw this coming. But yeah, the most notable drawback of relying on ticketing platforms is cost. These platforms operate based on a business model that involves having the user pay a flat fee for every ticket and a percentage of the ticket price. For some platforms, the costs are indeed hefty. Fortunately for you, Peepalike operates on the same business model but charges affordable rates. But more importantly, it is actually more effective and convenient than its rivals that charge exorbitantly. The costs involved in using Peepalike can be passed on to the customer in the form of a service charge without overly hiking the ticket price.

  • 17 Aug 2021
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