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Hybrid events are a thing now. They are likely to be a key part of the events and entertainment industry for the better part of the future, and for good reason. They are beneficial for everyone involved. So, how can event organizers take advantage of these events, ensuring the safety necessary for immersive experiences? Please read on.

The first hurdle event organizers must overcome is to increase the number of attendees. This is easier said than done. But, it’s not impossible. It can be overcome, at least partially, by adding a virtual aspect to the in-person component. Those that want to attend but otherwise can’t make it physically due to health, financial, distance, and other related constraints can still immerse themselves into the event in the comfort of their homes without necessarily having to leave home. Additionally, exhibitors and sponsors have enhanced flexibility, especially in choosing the way they want to be present, virtual or in-person. This is probably why hybrid events are increasingly becoming popular.

Despite their popularity, they have an in-person component that is likely to appear different compared to the pre-pandemic era. Currently, they present event organizers with the challenge of ensuring safety for employees, attendees, and exhibitors while simultaneously creating an unforgettable immersive experience. Indeed, implementing comprehensive safety and health measures is not a small challenge. But, here are some tips to help with the in-person component of hybrid events.


Venue Setup Assessment

this is the first step before inviting attendees to the event site. This assessment is crucial regardless of the extent to which the venue aligns with health and safety measures. It helps provide a clear picture of the number of attendees that will be at the venue. The important thing here is that the venue ought to be in line with government safety regulations. Therefore, attendee limits must be clear and well-implemented. For example, ensure that the space can account for safety-distanced seating, plated meals, and clean common areas.

The venue is a fundamental component of ensuring that the event is as safe as it can be. Work with the venue managers to brainstorm ways to ensure adherence to safety practices. For instance, one measure can revolve around having attendees wait before checking in and using brand markers to facilitate proper social distancing.


COVID-19 Questionnaires

The coordination of safety begins when the attendees arrive. However, preparations should start at least one week before the event. Specifically, the starting point should be formulating and sending out pre-event questionnaires and other materials that communicate the expectations of the event organizer and notify the attendees that their safety is being considered seriously.


Masks and Sanitizers

the event should have these in plenty for everyone to use to add to the social distancing component. These materials are necessary even when attendees are fully aware of their responsibility to have their own masks. In addition, signage indicating safety and related regulations should be placed in different areas to remind everyone of the rules.


Regular Communication of Health and Safety Guidelines

commencing the communication of safety and health protocols early is important for the success of your hybrid event. To achieve this objective, establish a separate pandemic communication plan that sets guidelines and protocols and identifies the channels that will be used to communicate.

With regard to ensuring and sustaining the safety of attendees, communicating all the steps and protocols involved in the event. Here, having a virtual platform comes in handy. Peepalike allows event organizers to segment their attendees and send customized announcements at the individual and group levels.


The process can include hosts and emcees who can play a significant role in communicating the direction and process of implementing safety measures during the event. The key is to drive home the health and safety standards and guidelines that will be governing the event.


Make Peepalike a Part of Event Planning

it is likely that event organizers, exhibitors, and attendees will be eager to engage in in-person connections. This is challenging considering the complexities involved in bringing a hybrid event format to life. The process involves enlisting speakers, managing coordination, and sourcing speakers, among other activities that form the planning process. After successfully overcoming this hurdle, the next phase involves ensuring proper adherence to the relevant safety and health protocols and guidelines. This is where having a virtual platform in the form of Peepalike is crucial.

Peepalike eliminates all the worry and works in favor of your event in some key ways. Specifically, it empowers event organizers with the capacity to create and customize events for attendees, exhibitors, presenters, and sponsors. It has an end-to-end portal that offers seamless networking between attendees and organizers using social media, branding customization, sponsorship opportunities, world-class support, and professional services that align with hybrid event planning.

  • 09 Aug 2021
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