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Even for the most seasoned event promoters and managers, selling tickets can sometimes be a hustle. This is exactly why ticket selling platform Peepalike was born. This platform allows for the selling of tickets for any event, a particularly comforting idea if you are struggling to get an audience for your event. This app is definitely the revelation you need to solve such an issue. As explained in this blog post, the workings of the platform are relatively simple. Please read on to discover how to sell tickets to your event and manage the whole process in a fairly straightforward way. Before we begin, here are a few pointers worth noting that make the app even more advantageous.

Anyone can sell tickets on Peepalike without incurring any upfront fees. The platform merely charges you a fee and percentage for each ticket sold. Packages for large events can be negotiated with the platform. With that out of the way, let's roll on to the tutorial.

Creating an Event

In order to sell tickets on Peepalike, you first need to register for an account and create an event. The process is easy, as demonstrated on the app. There is a five-step onboarding process offering guidance to those posting events for the first time.

  • 09 Aug 2021
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