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Event planning can be a tough task. You have to consider all the major details, and then tackle the small stuff too. Sometimes you'll come across problems that keep coming up- but each one should teach you something valuable for next time!

Event Planning is full of ups and downs: sometimes it's easy enough, with every detail just falling into place. Other times things will go wrong no matter what; after years in this business I've learned how to deal when they do - take them as lessons for future events instead of giving up hope completely!

The first thing you should do if your event is getting bigger and bigger with lost control over things, get a backup! It's hard to plan an event, especially for those of us who are not used to the idea. The most important part about planning anything big or small is being organized; it doesn't help when there isn't anyone else around that can handle some responsibilities in case something goes wrong.

Themes - You want this theme? Think again before committing yourself too long on one decision because each color will require different decorations which means more time spent shopping for a specific set up rather than spending hours browsing through options online until finding what fits best at any given moment. What could be considered average creativity amongst friends may seem like craziness.

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One of the best tips for event planners is to make sure they have an assistant. It will help them stay focused and organized, which can be difficult when you are trying to do it all yourself! Helping someone else out by taking care of some tasks like fetching drinks from a bar or fixing blown-out candles makes your job easier so that in turn, if something breaks down at the venue during your event (e.g., power goes off) then there's no pressure on you because somebody has already done those little things for you beforehand!

Knowing how important assistants are might seem overwhelming but with this advice organizers won't need to worry about getting overwhelmed themselves while also accomplishing everything they want before their big day arrives.

Contracts are the third pitfall to avoid when it comes to being a business owner. Get your contracts written down on paper as soon as possible so there is no dispute later on in regards to what you're paying them, why you're paying them, and what they need from you. It's important that everything be laid out clearly or else it can turn into something much bigger than anticipated!

The fourth pitfall to avoid is bankruptcy. Make sure you set a budget for your event by setting least and most amounts. For example, if the party costs at least $5,000 but can go up to as much as $7,000 depending on how lavish it becomes (You might want more food or decorations).

The fourth pitfall to avoid when planning an event is going bankrupt! One way that will reduce chances of this happening while still making oneself feel like they're throwing a good shindig would be not spending too much money in one big shot with no contingency plan because every guest may end up coming dressed down thinking there's some sort of theme night where everyone ends up wearing jeans instead of designer threads; then getting disappointed.

The fifth and final pitfall to avoid is getting too comfortable. A lot of people will plan an event so far ahead that they think it's okay for them to take the day off before or even on the day of their party. You need to realize that when you find time in your schedule, make some phone calls about decorations instead!

  • 27 Jul 2021
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